Benefits of OptomCAS Participation

The Optometry Centralized Application Service (OptomCAS) is designed to benefit the applicant, the individual schools and colleges of optometry, the profession, and the health professions advisors. Some of the many benefits of OptomCAS are listed below.


Benefits to Applicants

  • An efficient and convenient way to apply to multiple optometry programs using a single web-based application.
  • A comprehensive online checklist and instructions to easily navigate the application process.
  • Eliminates the need to duplicate transcripts and recommendations for students applying to more than one school or college.
  • Provides a real-time status tool for checking the status of applications, transcripts and recommendations online.
  • Decreases the chance for errors and omissions by applicants through the use of validation rules in the application.
  • Provides savings in terms of time.
  • Throughout the cycle, applicants are provided with assistance from knowledgeable support staff at a single point of contact.

Benefits to Schools and Colleges

  • Provides authenticated and verified applicant information to the participating programs.
  • Reduces the administrative work for the schools and colleges and the burden of tracking and filing application materials.
  • Real-time, online access to applicants once the application is submitted to track progress, view details and post applicants’ on-going and final decision status.
  • Up-to-date status is provided for each completed application so schools and colleges can contact applicants and send supplemental materials as desired.
  • The complete academic record for all applicants is provided, including multiple GPA calculations that are verified line-by-line against official transcripts by qualified OptomCAS staff.
  • OptomCAS staff investigates applicants suspected of submitting fraudulent transcripts and credentials.
  • Schools and colleges can produce ad-hoc school-specific and national applicant pool comparative reports as needed at any time during the process.
  • Schools and colleges have the option through OptomCAS for their applicants to go through a criminal background check process prior to matriculation.
  • Dedicated training, support and direct telephone contact are provided to admissions staff.

Benefits to ASCO and the Profession of Optometry

  • Provides accurate statistics on the applicant pool at any time during the application cycle.
  • Assists in developing workforce projections, future trends and national recruitment strategies based on an accurate set of data.
  • Assesses and compares statistical data with other health professions applicant pools.
  • Provides ASCO a source of non-dues revenue which can be directed to schools and colleges benefiting the applicant pool and optometry students.

Benefits to the Health Professions Advisors

  • Provides a secure web-portal for tracking and better counseling of their students in relation to the schools and colleges to which they are considering applying.
  • Provides data about the admissions track record of students from their program that heightens the advisors’ awareness of the profession of optometry.
  • Assists the advisors in learning more about the profession of optometry.
  • Provides a method for sending recommendations at no cost to their school.
  • Promotes the profession among academic advisors and fosters goodwill through data access on their students.