How to Apply

Please read all OptomCAS instructions thoroughly and use this checklist as a guide to make the OptomCAS process as smooth as possible.

How to Prepare for the OptomCAS Process

Before you begin the OptomCAS process, there are several ways you can prepare:

OptomCAS Application

  • Read all OptomCAS instructions carefully and thoroughly
  • Create your OptomCAS application account
  • Use the OptomCAS Transcript ID Form to arrange for ALL of your official transcripts to be received by OptomCAS by the application deadline
  • Enter ALL your U.S. and Canadian (if Canadian transcript is in English) coursework on the application using personal copies of your transcripts (do not enter foreign courses)
  • Submit foreign transcripts to the appropriate evaluation agency
  • Contact and confirm your evaluators and complete the Recommendation section of the application. To avoid SPAM filters, please notify your evaluators that they will receive an email from
  • Designate your OAT or GRE scores (if your institution is accepting the GRE) to be sent to OptomCAS when taking the exam to be reviewed by those schools and colleges for which you plan to apply
  • Compose your personal essay to be sent to your designated schools and colleges of optometry
  • Submit the correct OptomCAS fees by the deadline as payment is required to process your application
  • Review your application for accuracy as you cannot edit many parts your application once it is submitted
  • Print your completed application for your personal records
  • Once coursework is verified, review your GPA breakdown available in the status bar of your application. If you have any questions on your GPA, you must contact customer support immediately.
  • As needed, submit a supplemental application and supplemental fee directly to the school or college of optometry by their deadline
  • Arrange for your fall transcripts to be sent to OptomCAS as soon as they are available