Deadlines and Other Information

Instructions to Schools: All information should apply to applicants participating in the OptomCAS 2018-2019 cycle, which would be for first-year entry into optometry school for the 2019-2020 academic year.

School Supplemental Fee Supplemental Application Deadline OptomCAS Deadline *Tuition and Fees Last OAT Test Date Accepted Bachelors Required? OAT Influence
AZCOPT None N/A 4/1/19 Please check school website 4/1/19 Yes Significant
CCO None N/A 4/1/19 $39,681 6/1/19 Yes Significant
IAUPR $31 5/31/19 6/1/19 $27,058  6/1/19 No Significant
ICO $60 2/15/19 2/15/19 $39,440 2/15/19 No Significant
IUSO $60 2/15/19 1/15/19 Please check school website 2/15/19 Preferred; offer ‘Early Admission’ to qualified candidates who meet certain criteria Holistic review
KYCO $0 N/A 3/31/19 $41,175 3/31/19 Preferred, but not required Significant
MCO $0 2/1/19 2/1/19 Please check school website 2/1/19 Preferred, but not required Significant
MCPHS $0 N/A 5/1/19 Check school website 6/1/19 Preferred Moderate
NECO $45 3/31/19 3/31/19 Please consult NECO website 3/31/19 Preferred, but not required Significant
NOVA $50 4/1/19 4/1/19 Check school website 4/1/19 Not required, but preferred Significant
NSUOCO $45 2/1/19 2/1/19 Please consult school website 2/1/19 Recommended, but not required Significant
OSU $60 domestic and $70 international 3/15/19 3/1/19 Please consult the OSU website 3/1/19 Completion of three
or more years of
coursework (90+
semester hours) is
required, with
preference given to
those with an earned bachelor’s
Holistic review
PUCO $25 2/13/19 2/13/19 Tuition $40,745 (2018-2019) Applicants must take the OAT on or before 2/13/2019. Retake scores will be accepted on or before 4/1/19. Not required, but applicants without a bachelor’s degree must fulfill the admissions requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree Completion Option. Please check school website for more information. Holistic Review
Salus/PCO $0 N/A 3/31/19 Please consult Salus website 6/1/19 No Moderate
SCCOMBKU $75 4/1/19 (included in the OptomCAS application). Fee may be paid after this date. 4/1/19 Please consult school website 4/1/19 A four-year baccalaureate degree is recommended. However, applicants who complete a minimum of 90 semester or 135 quarter units of undergraduate study will qualify for admission. To be eligible to apply, the applicant must be on track to complete the required units through the summer term that precedes fall matriculation. Significant
SCO $50 3/1/19 3/1/19 Non-Regional: $37,581 Regional: $18,381 3/1/19 Strongly recommended Significant
SUNY $40 3/1/19 3/1/19 In-state $28,390; Out-of-state $49,650; Fees $660 2/28/19 No, but highly recommended Significant
UABSO $75 3/1/19 3/1/19 Please consult the UABSO website 3/15/19 Strongly preferred Significant
UCB Domestic Applicants $105, International Applicants $125 12/3/18 12/3/18 Please consult the UCB website 12/3/18 Yes Holistic review
UHCO $50 3/29/19 3/29/19 Please consult UHCO website All documents must be in the Optometry Relations Office by 3/29/19 Yes Significant
UIWRSO $0 N/A 5/1/19 Please consult UIWRSO website 6/1/19 Strongly recommended Moderate
UMSL $50 2/10/19 1/15/19 Please consult UMSL website 1/30/19 Strongly recommended but not required Significant
WUCO None N/A 5/1/19 Please consult WesternU website 5/1/19 No, but preferred Significant

*Tuition and Fees – These are the tuition and fees figures that are reported directly to ASCO, but are subject to change.
Applicants are strongly encouraged to speak to each institution they are applying to about available scholarship and financial aid opportunities.