Centralized Criminal Background Check Service

What is the Centralized Criminal Background Check (CBC) Service and how much will it cost?

Many OptomCAS participating programs require a national background check on you upon your initial, conditional acceptance to optometry school. The rationale for performing criminal background checks on accepted optometry school applicants is, in part, to ascertain the ability of a student to meet the requirements of clinical education sites and to become licensed optometrists.

In support of this, the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) has initiated an OptomCAS-facilitated national background check service, through which Certiphi Screening, Inc. (a Vertical Screen® Company) will procure a national background report on you at the point of acceptance. ASCO has initiated this service in order to recognize the desire of optometry schools to procure appropriate national criminal history reports, and to prevent you from paying additional fees at each optometry school to which they are accepted.

The background check fee will vary (based on the number of addresses you have lived) and will be paid to Certiphi by the applicant. If you are accepted by multiple schools and colleges of optometry that require a background check through Certiphi, you will only undergo a single search and pay a single fee.

Many optometry schools may not participate in Certiphi background checks, but do require you to undergo a separate national background check process. Contact your designated optometry schools directly for specific policies.